What’s in a name?


  • Origin: Gaelic/Celtic
  • Means: holy garden
  • Also means: small meadow; joy; from the gray fortress


  • Origin: Italian
  • Means: lady
  • Original meaning is closer to ‘lady of the home’


  • Origin: Germanic, from Wilhelm
  • Wil meaning “desire or will”
  • helm meaning “helmet or protection”
  • popularized in Wales (adding “s” denotes “the son of”)
  • overall meaning: the shield or defense of many

Therefore, the full meaning of Lesley Donna Williams: Lady of the holy garden who defends many.

One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. Snap, Sister! I LOVE IT 🙂 The implications of responsibility, and the fact that you’re fulfilling your name in such a real way, gives me goosies! May you be used mightily as you continue seeking to serve…

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