Fidel Namisi, Coal Stove Pictures

Lesley has been instrumental in helping my team pivot and align around their strengths. I have worked with several coaches and advisors, but only Lesley really got her hands into the DNA of the team and helped us fit the pieces of the organizational puzzle together. Her ability to connect the dots between theoretical business design paradigms and real, practical people on the ground makes her a truly valuable coaching and mentorship resource. She also has an endearing, wierd laugh.

Roger Dickenson, AYSAN International

Networking is a buzz word that gets thrown around often but real networking involves not only being able to meet and engage with people; but most importantly the ability to call those people to focused action and collaboration when the time comes. In my experience with Lesley this was clearly shown in the birthing and development of the I AM AFRICA social movement. In response to the outbreak of xenophobic attacks in South Africa in early 2015, Lesley firstly put out a call for people to respond and then hosted community engagements that led to direct action. Literally thousands of people across the world responded to Lesley’s initiative and many tangible interventions have emerged from it. This is true networking; true impact!

The second attribute of being “Resilient in a Complex World” is equally admirable and probably even more needed in our society today. Lesley has shown from her days with Pioneers of Change; to her international work and establishing Impact Hub Johannesburg that she both understands socio-economic complexities of our times and is both committed and equipped to making an impact in this arena despite the myriad of challenges.

Arlene Walsh, Intelesi

“Lesley is a deeply committed social entrepreneur who is intent on reshaping the landscape of work by enabling entrepreneurs to ‘do good through good work.’  As such, her reach is wide and her connections are many. Through this nexus of contacts, she is able to connect disparate people on our collective journey through an exciting and exacting landscape.”

I recommend Lesley as a values based connector of people and possibilities.

Reinoud Willemsen, BEHOLD SA

Lesley’s is a master in attracting highly energetic and socially engaged people with an endless ability to connect relevant people to each other – a magnificent skill. She understands the issues concerning the state of the social economy in the broadest sense of the definition.  As I look back at where I was 5 years ago and where I am now, the connections made via Lesley and the various platforms at Impact Hub Johannesburg have contributed to almost half of my success. Another almost half of the success is due to her being a shining light, and the rest was my courage to walk an unknown path.

Lana Lovasic, Simanye 

Lesley is a real people connector and has an amazing ability to find connections between random people, businesses and organisations and bring them together in unique ways. Her passion for social enterprise and small business development as well as innovative thinking in development best practice really shines through when you speak to her and in the work that she does.