The Paradigm Shift

I woke up after 4am this morning with these words booming in my head…

It’s not about maintaining the status quo. It’s not about smoothing things over. It’s not about ticking boxes of compliance and patting yourself on the back.

To create large-scale change, some systems may need to be disrupted. It means going to the unknown, embracing your discomfort.

So here’s to the rebel with a cause. The ones who are deaf to the naysayers and persevering on, sometimes seeming crazy but provoking communities and cities until their solutions become mainstream. The world may need a revolution but is comfortable with evolution. You’re ahead of your time quite often, but the world will catch up, even though your name may not be attached to it.  We celebrate you!

A consideration: I’ve just spent a week with communities of all sorts, large scale financial institutions, NGOs and entrepreneurs. At the heart of their qualms are not a lack of finances necessarily, or SMART objective setting and solutions, but rather the people factor. People not meeting each other as fellow human beings, not connecting.

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