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My morning at Home Affairs

I have never been one for queues, especially when linked to any government institution. This morning was no exception.

Not having been to the Department of Home Affairs since 2005, I dreaded the journey with memories of four hour queuing still fresh in my mind. One would think it would be to get tickets for seeing one of the world’s favourite bands!

I decided to make my way over to a suburban branch – Randburg as they’re meant to be quite jacked up. Quite sadly I was not impressed by the customer service and lack of clear process. To make matters worse, the power was out so I could not immediately receive my temporary passport.

My mood then lifted when I came across a super efficient staff member who took control of the situation and gave me confidence on the duration of my time there. I should be impressed that work continues despite the power outage! Grateful that the doors weren’t shut for the day.

Since it was not possible to make copies of my current passport I was told to go just outside the gate to find the ‘photocopy guy’. I thought this strange but went outside to find my aid. He took me to the back of a van where a photocopy machine was hooked up to a battery using booster cables! I thought this hilarious, but at the same time struck by the sheer innovation I was witnessing. Sure he ripped me off charging five rand instead of twenty five cents, but hey one pays premium price for convenience!

I collect my passport tomorrow :o)

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