The Entrepreneurial Elixir

Over the past two months I’ve immersed myself in literature and the company of entrepreneurs. This is for consulting research and for my personal gain and implementation. Beyond the statistics, steps to success and debates on incubation, the penny dropped for me yesterday…

Looking at the personalities behind the ventures, regardless of their growth phase, the binding factor that they all had was an incredible self-belief and capacity for resilience. Now all this may seem obvious and even meaningless to you but when the story of your fellow man appears to be somewhat entwined in your own lessons and possible future then the moment calls for an ‘aha!’ and ring of a bell.

Having come back from my Antarctic high six months ago I found it really hard to understand what a ‘normal’ life means for me now. Arriving back home as the reality of the global recession hit resulted in all my paid projects being canceled – not fun after canceling consulting work to go to the most WONDERful place on this God-given earth! As a friend so aptly put it: I’ve been in a funk. This was further intensified by well intentioned naysayers advising me to get a ‘real’ job and my belief in trust shaken when being done in by partnerships gone sour. Well, I met up with someone yesterday who lots millions of rands and all his assets when done in on a partnership. He still believes in the goodness of man and his business is now flourishing!

I’m in awe of all you stupidly stubborn entrepreneurs out there defying the odds and attaining your well deserved success. Now back to my business plan…

2 thoughts on “The Entrepreneurial Elixir

  1. Hey Les, while I was reading you I thought of the book I am currently reading “outliers” from Malcom Gladwell, who also wrote blink and the tipping point. “My wish with Outliers is that it makes us understand how much of a group project success is. When outliers become outliers it is not just because of their own efforts. It’s because of the contributions of lots of different people and lots of different circumstances…” (from
    Let’s be in touch soon dear! x

  2. yes… i think the emphasis on resilience is the point.. i think it has the capacity to (re) create self belief when it disappears. Nice thinking Lesley…

    i think we can help each other to be resilient too… i had thoughts about this the other day. often for want of spotting a small (mis) concept, we are lost for a while and someone else could help us see that… maybe its from my south american side.. i think that we try to be too lone cowboys/gals sometimes here in the uk.

    its a waste.. with so much potential… i see so many people waste so much of their life to low self-belief.. and low resilience… and i am not blaming them at all…sometimes it is me too… and i think we can help each other.. i think what is missing is learning different ways that we can do that that work for different people… for example i emailed my flatmates to ask them that if and when i was stuck, could I ask them that they facilitate me on ‘the work’… and they said yes.. i showed them how it worked as that is what really works for me. much better than advice or trying to fix me! i get to fix myself this way… they are just holding the space for it.. and sometimes its just what is needed..
    now i can ask them when i need that kind of support and it saves time..
    but what i would like is almost like a world chat room where you can dip in and give or take.. to help people get back to do what they need to do by helping to get over whatever it is that is there..
    anyway.. lovely to hear your thoughts and i think you are very resilient…
    so go for that business plan! I am writing one too this weekend… with you in spirit you — you are one strong and wonderful woman.

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