A day in Parys

I often long for my days living in London when a hop on the Eurostar could take you to another country and lifestyle within two hours. Well, yesterday a few friends, my brother and I hopped into our cars and after a relaxing scenic drive we found ourselves dining in Parys – within two hours 🙂

The stairs leading up to Hoi Polooi looked daunting but after braving the climb I found myself on the quaint deck of the restuarant overlooking the charming town. The wine flowed all too quickly, but this was also possibly due to our glasses being the size of flower vases!

Although I complained about the lack of vegetarian options, the food was scrumptious. Also, the concept of vegetarianism is a foreign one in the Free State anyway. We moved indoors for dessert when the sky turned grey and it finally started pouring down. The charm of the place enveloped me and as a lounger I was in awe by the cosiest of sofas I found myself lazing in for another hour or two.

Here’s to a wonderful day trip to Parys thanks to my brilliant friend Karl!

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