Remembering the maverick

I was part of a panel discussion last week on a talk show called African Views hosted by Udi ya-Nakamhela. The discussion for the evening was whether our local environment is conducive to youth development.

While I wont go into details here on what each panelist had to say; I will share a view or two of my own…

We have a vast amount of innovative, enthused youth who are values driven and need to be encouraged. Decision-makers and representatives of ‘the youth’ should be careful of communication that suggests that they are something to be dealt with. Employment should not be viewed as the primary means to keep the youth productive. Education is a big yes but how about we look at a third option… creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurship? An environment/society that celebrates risk-taking and failing forward? An environment that allows us to flourish through experimentation and earn a living in keeping with our values.

This is the African View on youth development that I am promoting.

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