Daring to ‘go green’

Being a vegetarian has secured me street cred around the greenies for over a year now. It has however gotten to the point where I need to up the stakes and move to the next level of my green journey.

My good friend Nicole, co-founder of Soylights invited me to this past weekend’s Natural & Organic Expo in Joburg. It was an eye-opening experience for me. Not only did I go green consumer-crazy, I found quite a few products at competitive mainstream prices. Organic cleaning products are not much more expensive than regular toxin-filled products. There were also a few brands to choose from so I could shop around for a lower price 🙂 I found make-up that looks great at a cheaper price than what I purchased a week ago at a franchise in a mall.

I found out where convenient distribution points are in my city. Now, we need to find ways to get word out to aspiring green consumers on where to purchase their fair trade consumables, educate shoppers to look for certification on claims of organic products and voice their desire for these products. It does however feel like consumers need to be investigators – do not even get me started on the claims of Woolworths being selective of their use of free range eggs in products.

Now, if only I can find organic hair products that truly understands the texture of my problematic African hair…

4 thoughts on “Daring to ‘go green’

  1. Dineo Ndlanzi

    I also went to the organic exhibitons. i was excited to see a lot of people there it shows that Joburg is thinking green; we not there yet but on our way. I also found the products very affordable compared to some places I shop. I was with my partner whom I am trying to introduce to green living and that is worth I pockets to go green( I must say just before we left for the exhibtion, he was speaking global warming to his friend- pretty impressive stuff). We didn’t spend much time there to shop for and compare prices but I am sure next we will. anyway we got a great stuff for less. I am looking forward to a bigger exhibiton in the future. Lets keep green talking, its inspiring!

  2. Dineo Ndlanzi

    Les, check out Oraganic olive oil, carrot oil relaxer products & JOBBs for Natural hair. you will find both of these products at Clicks!

  3. Russty

    As a firm believer of DIY, I would suggest you try the following; instead of shampoo and conditioners try sodium bicarbonate (buy from the chemist not the food store as these generaly contain other additives if it’s got a bp logo on it, it’s pure.) Wet hair and apply as you would shampoo, leave in for a while and rinse well.

    Secondly, for the relaxer try coco-nut and lime juice. I would think that lemon would serve as a substitute. Blend the flesh of the coco-nut in a blender or juicer, add the juice of one lime/lemon into the container with the coco-nut milk and refrigerate it until it starts to form cream. Massage into the scalp and cover with a hot towel for about 45 to 60 min. Wash out with sodium bicarbonate (as suggested above) and rinse well.

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