A bitter-sweet day

South African football team Bafana Bafana took on 5 time World Cup winners Brazil last night in the Confederation Cup. My only hope prior to the game was that they do not win us with double digits on the score board. I was so proud that our boys played their hearts out on the field and despite losing 1-0; they gave us as a nation hope on the field again. We so almost made it to the final. Just imagine SA vs USA at the final; I guess that would have been just too much of a shocker!

My brother got home later to tell me that Michael Jackson had a chardiac arrest. I frantically starting googling and twittering to find out the latest news while my radio was on so I don’t miss anything.

I remember exactly where I was when Freddie Mercury passed on; my gran waking me up to the death of Princess Diana and the moment that news of 9/11 broke. It’s one of those kinds of moments when the world seems to stand still. Michael Jackson was meant to defy death!

Love him or hate him; MJ aka Wacko Jacko bridged the racial divide. No other artist created such global fascination and no socio-economic catastrophe has raised this level of dialogue in a short space of time. We all grew up with him. You either wanted to be him or date him.

Rest in peace MJ as you join the world of Elvis, Tupac, and Biggie.

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