SA Futures with Dinokeng Scenarios

I have just attended a Dinokeng Scenarios workshop at the African Leadership Academy and presented by Dr. Mamphele Ramphela; a respected South African leader and eternal activist.

Background to the Dinokeng Scanarios:
The Dinokeng Scenario Team consists of 35 diverse leaders who together created scenarios for South Africa which outline 3 possible pathways into the future. This was done in the hope that these scenarios will contribute to a robust and healthy debate in our country.

The objective of the Dinokeng exercise is “To create a space and language for open, reflective and reasoned strategic conversation among the broad community of South Africans, about possible futures for the country, and the opportunities, risks, and choices these futures present.”

Despite the African continent looking to be hardest hit by climate catastrophe, as per usual it did not get airtime within the scenarios next to issues of unemployment, safety, education and health. When will we see that sustainability is integral to all these concerns?

I loved the challenges that Dr. Ramphele put to us. I find the question ‘Have I been a good citizen?’ a good navigator for daily living.

The following questions promote activism and are measurable:
1) What are you going to do to make our country different in the future?
2) How are you going to make a choice?
3) When are you going to make a choice?
4) With whom are you going to make a choice?
5) What are your next steps?

This quote from the report it spot on “Democracy is being blocked by the basics. For people to be able to participate, they need to feel secure, to know where their next meal is coming from, and have dignity and health. You can’t participate in the economy or in politics if you are concerned about survival.”

These scenarios may be based on the South African context; but quite applicable for the general global citizen. You too are invited to engage!

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    1. There were several examples of how to get involved. The crux of it all is to live a moral, legal life – and not to sit back as a citizen when you’re unhappy about government and big business activity (or lack thereof).

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