Why I blog

I just spent some time on the blogs of my friends Femi Longe and Henrique Vedana and left feeling inspired.

Reading their blogs lead me to question why it is that I started to blog. As many of you may know; I go by different organisational hats. I’ve now remembered that my blog is a place where I can just be. Me being me without wearing a particular hat. While my various hats are an expression of me… this blog challenges me to go to the core. To consolodate my being.

I stumbled across my life’s mission statement that I wrote up in 2005. It serves as a good navigator from which I choose to work from: love not fear; to pursue meaningful work that add value to people’s lives… and so much more that I have written. All of these good intentions have not taken into account the stresses of a recession. Coming back to it does however clear away the noise and remind me what it’s all about… let’s keep it real, let’s get personal.

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